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Where in the world

See a pictures from around the world and answer trivia-style questions.
  • Test your trivia knowledge about international culture and geography from around the world
  • Pictures of nature, monuments, food and people from different places in the world to answer the questions
  • Play as a team or play individually to bond with your friends and co-workers this holiday season
  • Play on Zoom, Webex or on Hermis

The world and its people have so many marvels to share with the rest of us.  See beautiful pictures and answer questions about those pictures as a citizen of this world.  These pictures could be about nature, monuments, food or people, among others,

This holiday, enjoy playing virtual trivia-style game online for Team building & bonding with your remote/hybrid team. Enjoy playing the game on your favorite Video Conferencing platform including Zoom & Webex. There are several trivia packs for you to choose from including holiday-themed travel packs, geography based and many more.

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