Employee Engagement Made Easy.

Enable your distributed workforce to connect & network with each other through a wide range of activities and content.


“Funtivity by Hermis” can be found in the Zoom Apps store.

Hermis offers a wide range of activities for all calendar events including “World Turtle Day” and upcoming “Pride Month”. Team activities include Trivia, Bingo, Scavenger Hunt, Escape Room and many more. Companies use Hermis for team building events, conference breakouts, and office celebrations.

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Engagement is an ongoing journey


Team Building 

Running out of monthly team building ideas? Organize a recurring quest to keep the company culture alive with a blend of general knowledge events and bespoke games.

Conference Breakouts

Host a fun engaging networking event to break up a full day of meetings. 

Office Party

Bring back the after-work social vibe and allow your team to mingle across continents, putting employees from various departments together and allowing them to collaborate with each other!

And more…

Summer Internships, Diversity & Inclusion, …

The World of Hermis


Teams & Scoring

With team formation and automated scoring, team-based games become a lot more engaging



Break into conversation circles and engage colleagues in smaller groups.


Huddle Mode

Enable private conversation with your group for a more immersive experience within an activity.


Customized Content

Pick relatable topics for your activities to make the event more memorable.


Hosted Events

Hosted events gives you a dedicated event conductor, taking the game play to the next level.


Make it your own


Customize your event with a corporate logo or choose a theme to match any occasion.


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