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Enable your distributed workforce to connect & network with each other through a wide range of activities and content.

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What Is Funtivity?

Funtivity is a reimagined application that integrates activities, team play and personalization directly into MSTeams to deliver the best experience for team building. Wide variety of activities & themed events, Funtivity by Hermis is ready to make your MSTeams calls a lot more joyful!

Trending Funtivities

Enchanting School Graduation Escape Room

Use your magical skills to graduate Enchanting School!

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Holy Guacamole

Play the game of escape room in the kitchen of your "abuela."

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Celebrity Face Mix-Up

Identify celebrities in this mashup of two faces!

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Would You Rather

Will you choose what's behind "Door #1" or "Door #2"?

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Garden Center Escape Room

Kick off gardening season with this fun puzzle hunt!

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Name That Song

Can you name the song being played for just a few seconds?

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Party Time Escape Room

Travel to office parties of the past to fix a faulty time travel device.

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Say What?

Solve the puzzle to see if your team can figure out what these garbled phrases mean.

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Enjoy unlimited events with your friends, family or colleagues with the special launch offer!

Funtivity by Hermis

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