Funtivity by Hermis for Hopin

Enabling distributed teams to connect and network with each other through a wide range of activities.

Follow the Instructions to Install Funtivity


Go to your account on Hopin
and select your event.


On the left nav, open the "Venue" tab, and select "Sessions"


Edit your session.


In the session detail page,
scroll down to the "Apps" section and click on "+ Add an app" button.


You will be taken to the Hopin App Store, select "Fun and Games" tab, and click on "Funtivity by Hermis" app.


In the Funtivity detail page,
click on the "Install app" button.


Click on the "Install" button on
the pop-up.


Congratulations!  Your app has now been installed! And now it's time to test out the newly installed app.


Now it's time to configure the installed app.  To do that, you have to go to and login to your account.Once logged in, go to event you had specifically created earlier for Hopin.

On the right side, you should see three things: Event ID, Host Key and Password.

You will need only Event ID and Password for now. If you haven't created an account already, create one - it's a one-step sign-up process.


Go back to the Hopin Event's Session's detail page, and you will see a new entry in the App section showing your newly added Funtivity app.


Fill the fields.  For Tab name, choose something that attendees in the Hopin event can easily recognize the tab by. For the event ID, copy the event ID from Hermis event page.

Similarly, for the password, copy the password from the Hermis event page.  Click on the "Save" button to save the "Session".

After saving the "Session", click on the "Preview Event" button on the top right.


Now click on the "Sessions" on the left nav to find the "Session" where Funtivity has been installed.


On the top right, click on "Session" tab.  Below you will see standard tabs such as "Chat", "Poll", etc.  And you will also see the tab for the Funtivity app.  

Click on the tab.  You will see the familiar Funtivity start screen.  Click on the "Start" button.


You will be prompted to enter your email address and "Host key".  Go to your Hermis event page on, and copy the "Host key" and paste it here.

Now click the "Start" button.


And now you're ready to play the funtivity in your Hopin session!  Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need an account to play activities?

You don’t need an account to play Funtivity. However, please note that the Funtivity event can only be created within a meeting and shared with other meeting attendees.

2. Can I create an event ahead of time?

For the current version of the release, we only have the ability to create events during an active Webex meeting. However, soon after GA we will be adding a Login capability where you can customize the event and plan for it ahead of time.

3. Does it cost to use Funtivity?

Funtivity is free for up to 4 users for 15 minutes. We have a plethora of free events and activities for you to choose from. In the future, we will be adding premium events and activities. Additionally, you can personalize your experience with custom event and theme for a premium.

4. What about Security & Privacy?

Funtivity by Hermis is committed to guarding your privacy and data security. Funtivity collects your personal information and the meeting details to help facilitate the activities played in the meeting. We do not share your information with third parties. Please see the details of Terms of service here.

You are all set with your event setup on Hopin. 
If you have any questions, Contact Us.

Thanks for installing Funtivity on Hopin.